Since the policy for the remuneration of employees is handled globally, HENNER assists you with all aspects linked to employee savings plans. To accomplish this, the group has dedicated specialists to the field.

The Company Savings Plan (French PEE) & the Group Retirement Savings Plan (French PERCO)

HENNER puts its expertise at your disposal to:

  • Audit existing plans (harmonize, insure compliance, update plans).
  • Recommend employee savings plans and help you implement them.
    • The Company Savings Plan “French PEE” enables the company in a short-term context (5 years) to participate in the savings effort of its employees under advantageous tax and social conditions. The PEE can receive: profit sharing, incentive bonuses, voluntary payments and a potential company contribution.
    • The Group Retirement Savings Plans “French PERCO” enables the company to participate in the creation of a retirement supplement for its employees, either as an annuity or in capital. In principal, the sums are frozen until retirement.

Profit-sharing Agreement

HENNER helps to create, monitor and adjust your agreement so that it is in line with the legal and social environment.

Incentive Plans

HENNER helps you build your incentive plan in order to:

  • Improve performances, results and/or quality as part of a win/win relationship with employees.
  • Provide better recognition of group effort by activating additional compensation that is tax exempt under certain conditions.

Time Savings Account (French CET)

HENNER helps you set up or manage a time savings account:

  • Develop specifications respecting company expectations and the control of pension benefit obligations.
  • Assist you with negotiations with labor and management organizations in order to use the CET/PERCO or CET/Art 83 gateways.

Because your company’s human capital is essential, HENNER advises and assists you in the implementation of solutions to motivate employees and build their loyalty in a preferential tax and social framework.

For Employees in France

HENNER puts its expertise at your disposal to:

  • Meet the needs of your employees and the company’s economic and social imperatives.
  • Contribute to HR strategies and optimize salary policies.
  • Audit existing plans (harmonize, insure compliance, update plans).
  • Recommend retirement plans and help set them up:
    • “Article 83” defined contributions plan: Mandatory group plan that enables the creation of a retirement supplement through capitalization.
    • “Article 39″ defined benefits plan: company commitment that enables the generation of a defined annuity whatever the scheduled retirement date.

For Personnel on the Move

HENNER offers you innovative solutions to establish:

  • A plan to substitute the French CRE and IRCAFEX for expatriates.
  • TCN (Third country nationality) Plan: retirement plan that starts from the first euro.

For Company Managers 

HENNER offers managers a “Madelin” retirement supplement:

Self-employed workers (French TNS) affiliated to the Régime Social des Indépendants (RSI) (French social protection organization for self-employed workers) can rely on the “Madelin law” retirement offer to complete their future benefits while they take advantage of favorable tax leverage.

Because pension benefit obligations represent real debts for companies and constitute an HR and financial challenge (company valuation, cash flow control, etc.), the HENNER Actuarial Department, known for its independence and expertise, conducts actuarial assessments and cost projections in the following areas:

 “Article 39” defined benefits plans

  • Calculation of the commitment to be made to meet the obligation associated with the plans implemented.

French IFC (Career termination benefits )

  • Actuarial projection of commitments associated with legal obligations for the termination benefits of retiring employees.
  • Updating of actuarial projections in response to the evolution of initial data.

Covering the employer contributions to healthcare plans of current or future retirees

  • Calculation of commitments and set up of an insurance plan that responds to the life annuity aspect of the commitment.

Service Awards

  • Projection of the entitlements to be established in order to meet conventional obligations or those resulting from an agreement.

How we can help

We have expertise in numerous fields:

  • Reconstruction of career (France, International, Multi-plans, etc.),
  • Optimization of rights:
    • Quarterly redemption opportunity.
    • Validation of supplementary retirement points.
  • Individual retirement statement:
    • Customized assessments: Simple or complex careers, optimization diagrams, variation of salaries, career transition, change of status, business creation, self-employment activities, projections, expatriation, anticipation of change.
  • Career wind-down management:
    • Transitional periods, employment-retirement transition, transitioning to part-time work, progressive retirement, implementation of retirement settlement whatever the country of residence, concurrent employment-retirement.
  • Senior agreements / Generation contracts (to encourage hiring of the young and maintain older employees).
  • Study of spouse’s rights.
  • Retirement scheme with retirees paid by active employees.
  • International mobility.

Our Assets

Experts in retirement, health and benefits coverage, we act with professionalism, responsiveness, independence and neutrality through an in-depth analysis of the concerns of both the individual and the company.