For more than 60 years, HENNER, a family-owned independent group, has been developing its core activity in the design and management of group healthcare plans for employees working in France as well as expatriates and multinational companies.

HENNER builds standard and customized supplemental healthcare packages. HENNER designs and manages contracts ranging from the simplest to the most complex, offering your employees and their labor and management organizations coverage that meets their expectations, your needs and the allocated budget.

In the context of its missions, HENNER independently carries out:

  • Analysis of your needs within the framework of a complete audit.
  • Optimized search for placing your disease or illness risks.
  • Set up of your contracts and communication tools.

Advice and Guidance

HENNER provides dedicated and experienced consultants who coordinate all the monitoring of the recommended solutions. They focus on:

  • The competitive cost of your contract: thanks to the audit of your plans (quantitative and qualitative critical analyses of coverage and recommendations for included services).
  • Sustainable performance of your plans: thanks to the design, implementation, control and management of innovative coverage associated with the mastery of healthcare expenses.
  • Appraisal of your human resource strategy: thanks to the coordination of the expectations your employees and their representative bodies in line with economic imperatives.
  • Help with negotiation and in-house decision making by measuring the satisfaction of your employees.


To better assist you in managing your plans, our dedicated team is supported by the HENNER Legal Department that has a staff of lawyers with specialized training in group insurance for individuals and tax law. This legal team is attentive to the changes in the legal and social environment.

At your request, the HENNER Legal Department can assist you in the search for solutions in coordination with your dedicated staff.


HENNER is backed by a technical division made up of actuaries and experienced market research specialists who guarantee all clients objectivity and independence in the research conducted as well as the recommendations made regarding insurers.

HENNER’s technical division provides all the statistical tools needed to manage your benefit plans as well as the research enabling their evolution (assisted harmonization of plans, optimization of coverage, pricing, reaching the benchmark based on the HENNER portfolio comprised of 1.3 million policyholders).


HENNER builds standard and comprehensive packages for your healthcare. Able to design and manage contracts ranging from the simplest to the most complex, HENNER offers your employees and their representative coverage that meets their expectations, your needs and the allocated budget.

  • Management certified ISO 9001 v2008.
  • 370 managers dedicated to the healthcare activity in France.
  • 3 management centers in France, located in Paris, Nantes and Lille.
  • Nearly 2 million settlements made per month.

For You

  • A dedicated team made up of versatile collaborators who know your contracts and the special features of your coverage, trained to respond to all your concerns and those of your employees.
  • A unique management tool developed by HENNER, with a parameterization capacity that enables your contracts to be adjusted immediately.
  • Personal online space, where you can manage enrollments and cancellations, modify employee information or consult their movements with a few clicks.

For Your Employees

Optimized response times:

  • Reimbursement times: 48 hours in 95% of cases,
  • Telephone consultation available 24/7
  • Email response: 24 hours.

Carte Blanche partners network :

Access to more than 103,000 healthcare professionals, who are paid directly by the insurer, including 15,000 with reduced prices. 

A vision network offering eyeglass and contact lens pricing packages, direct payment of contact lenses, breakage and adjustment coverage.

Guidance through the healthcare process via specific directories.

Health and prevention information with online coaching and tests.


Dedicated online space for each employee where the individual can:

  • Find a healthcare professional in the Carte Blanche network.
  • Consult their statements.
  • Download models of optical and dental quotes.
  • Request supplemental Carte Blanche online.
  • Modify personal information in real time.
  • Request coverage for a hospital stay.
  • Find telephone contact and mailing information for his/her Management Unit.
  • Download information relating to the contract.
  • Consult the breakdown of his/her consumption.


Guide pratique

Practical guide for health insurance :

To understand and manage your employees’ expenses and contract, this guide provides help with their healthcare coverage and provides practical information, useful contacts, etc.


Through its actions, HENNER is able to control the healthcare costs of our clients and thereby promote balanced plans. In the past 3 years the average premium increase for HENNER affiliates has been 8,2%, while other entities have experienced 11.5% increases.

Carte Blanche network

The average savings made in the network is €47 per eyeglasses compared to a purchase outside the network.

  • 95,000 health professionals including 15,000 that offer a reduced price.
  • A network of opticians with a pricing agreement grid containing more than 45,000 eyeglass references selected for their quality.

Abuse and Fraud detection

HENNER is very attentive to the estimate and pricing practices of healthcare professionals. In 2011 the HENNER Fraud Department processed:

  • 36 cases of “Optician” fraud.
  • 3 cases involving insured parties who were individual policyholders.
  • 114 cases involving insured parties benefiting from a contract through their company.


In the context of your obligations in matters of prevention, HENNER offers you several solution:

  • Building prevention coverage into healthcare contracts.
  • Carte Blanche network prevention services: online coaching and tests (smoking, nutrition), information.
  • Solutions that meet your prevention needs. Through the expertise of the HENNER Healthcare Department, our doctors assist you with a prevention strategy for your employees and offer you adapted solutions:
    • Situation audits
    • In-house targeted screening campaigns
    • Complete medical examinations
    • Information campaigns and training programs on psychosocial risks at work.


The Carte Blanche Healthcare network includes 95,000 regularly monitored healthcare professionals.

Carte Blanche FRC DIRECT

It enables the policyholders to benefit from numerous advantages and to limit consumption excesses.

Carte Blanche Advantages

For your employees, Carte Blanche means:

  •  Access to 95,000 healthcare professionals in numerous fields, including alternative medicine  (ambulance services, medical equipment, hospitals, clinics, psychiatric services, medical and dental centers, nursing, physiotherapy, laboratories, radiologists, speech therapists, pharmacies, audiologists, dentists, opticians, sophrologists, dietitians, osteopaths, pedicurist-chiropodists).
  •  Direct payment, notably for high-price items like eyewear.
  •  Optical network of more than 9,000 opticians, i.e.  80% of all opticians in France offering:
    • Transparent and negotiated pricing: by going to a Carte Blanche optician, you save from 20 to 25% compared to the market price.
    • Direct payment by the insurer and coverage agreement in real time.
    • 3-month adjustment coverage on eyeglasses and contact lenses and a 2-year breakage coverage on eyeglasses and frames.
  • Pricing conditions for eyewear on lenses and frames, on dentures, hearing aids, with dietitians and osteopaths, sophrologists and pedicurist-chiropodists.
  • The assurance of being cared for in a safe medical environment: Carte Blanche accredits each healthcare professional according to agreements and strict criteria.

Online Space

The HENNER – GMC online space provides employees access to all Carte Blanche services:

Guidance service to know where to go and who to consult depending on your health issues:

  • Directory of Healthcare Professionals
  • Directory of Ophthalmologists Specialized in AMD (Age-related macular degeneration)
  • Directory of Sexologist Physicians
  • Directory of Psychiatrists and Psychologists
  • GUIDHOSPI: classification of hospitals and medical institutions

Information on prevention, online health coaching and tests, guide for over-the-counter medications.

GUIDHOSPI is the first online assistance guide for the hospital system.A good aid in finding the hospital that meets best a specific need. Each institution is given a grade based on objective criteria, the details of which are listed in a comparative chart provided after the search.

Information on prevention, online health coaching and tests, guide for over-the-counter medications.