The HENNER Funeral Coverage Department designs standard and customized solutions to finance funerals in France and solutions for repatriation for French residents of foreign origin. 


Direct payment everywhere in France:

Fast and easy, it provides grieving families with valuable help so that they do not have to advance all or part of the funeral expenses.

Direct reimbursement within 48 hours, if the family does not want direct payment.*

Advice and Support for Families:

A team of managers and sales personnel specifically trained and dedicated to funeral issues is there for the family to provide the needed support when a death occurs and to provide advice to help them with the steps that must be taken.

Defense of the interests of the deceased:

Upon request, the Funeral Coverage staff advises policyholders on the best estimate to accept while looking out for their interests.

Special agreements with a network of funeral directors:

All subscribers benefit from preferential conditions in the network for funeral arrangements and the services provided.

*Excluding the banking transaction delays


Independence, experience and protection of the insured party’s interests are the commitments which have enabled the HENNER Funeral Coverage Department to become a key player recognized by insurance professionals and funeral directors.

Grief Management Charter:

The Funeral Coverage Department signed this charter in 2009 and has agreed to:

  • Organize personalized assistance and guidance for those who are grieving.
  • Protect the individual and respect their spiritual and cultural values.
  • Facilitate and simplify arrangements after death occurs.

Management certified  ISO 9001 v2008

Authorization from the Prefecture of Police:

Funeral Coverage has been authorized by the Prefecture of Police for funeral arrangements since December 2006.

Independent Funeral Coverage

Funeral Coverage acts totally independently from players in the funeral and insurance sectors. It offers you pricing and quality control for the services provided by funeral directors.


  •  63,000 individual contracts Live
  • 2,000 life group contracts
  • 8,600 deaths in 2010 of which 42% were managed with third-party payment to the funeral
  • More than 8,000 group policies through partnerships and inclusions
  • 16,000 essential  will management mandates