A company is confronted by numerous legal and financial risks from the time it is created and throughout its development, which could be a heavy weight on its economic outlook, even its future.

To help, HENNER offers:

  • A preliminary audit of immediate and emerging needs.
  • Set up of a risk management policy and prevention procedures.
  • Negotiation of insurances coverages.
  • Attentive monitoring of claims management.


Since a company cannot assume heavy economic risks alone, HENNER builds programs that focus mainly on:

  • “Legal” risks: civil liability insurance, advice for legal prevention, insurance plans to cover all legal and defacto managers.
  • “Financial” risks: advice in matters of “physical prevention”, plans for property damage, financial losses, additional operating expenses and /or losses to insure the company’s financial longevity.


Fields of expertise


  • Legal responsibilities and risks, technical risks and financial
  • Transportation insurance
  • Operating losses
  • Claims management and management franchises
  • Due diligence” study of liability risks prior to a takeover or funding.

The Henner services

  •  A dedicated team, a continuous presence
  • Proposals for the establishment of a crisis center and a business continuity plan
  • Monitoring of changing needs
  • Capacity of emergency response
  • Training in insurance techniques