When you choose Henner, you know that your beneficiaries are well taken care of – regardless of where they are in the world.

Building on our decades of experience in the design, implementation and administration of employee benefits plans, we create a truly tailor-made benefits solution for your company that protects your staff in all situations while also making sure that it stays viable in the long-term.

From designing the best medical plans for your needs to ensuring a smooth and efficient administration of the benefits plan, you can always count on Henner to provide you a high quality service. Henner will help you to identify any potential means of improving your plan to ensure long-term viability including combatting fraud and implementing cost containment measures. Thanks to our extensive international Medical Network, our dedicated Client Services teams and our developed online tools, your beneficiaries will always have access to close high-quality medical care and 24/7/365 assistance, all over the world!

We are appreciated for a service that is fast, efficient and personal. But no matter how good our plans and services are, we strive to make them better every day.



We assist our clients in administering contracts, through 12 administration offices, over 180 officers located worldwide, offering a customizable fully-owned information system and dedicated contacts.

We are present in Boca Raton, Lisbon, Nairobi, Paris, Singapore, and Tunis, this enables us to stay as close as possible to our clients. Our international network is a valuable asset, and administrative officers are familiar with the cultural diversity of the beneficiaries we serve. More than 35 languages are spoken in our administration units – English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Swahili, Japanese, Thai, Cantonese, Tagalog, etc.

For Employers

  • A dedicated team made up of versatile collaborators who know your contracts and the special features of your coverage, trained to respond to all your concerns and those of your employees.
  • A unique administration tool developed by HENNER that enables your contracts to be adjusted immediately.

For Employees

  • Dedicated telephone number
  • Emergency hospitalizations 24/7 services
  • Response to e-mails within 2 working days
  • Reimbursements within 3 working days

Dedicated online space for each employee

  • Access to reimbursement information
  • Request for explanation of benefits
  • List of medical providers
  • Download direct settlement card
  • E-library: claim forms, prior agreement form, membership guideline
  • E-claiming


A common challenge faced by organizations worldwide is the increasing use of medical care. We work closely with our clients to offer and implement a fair and efficient cost-containment policy. The protection of our clients’ financial interests is one of our top priorities.

To this end, we have devised an anti-fraud policy, aimed at preventing, detecting, investigating, reporting and recovering fraud. The policy also supports our commitments as a member of the European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network and the 10th principle of the UN Global Compact on the fight against corruption.

We usually notice a significant decrease of medical expenses per staff member when we take over a contract. Indeed cost-efficiency is the key to making our clients’ benefit schemes viable in the long-run. Our dedication to this field is reflected in the continuous development and expansion of our International Medical Network which allows direct payment guarantees and preferential pricing in countries where our clients are located. Our internal Medical Advisory Board also helps us to prevent the abuse or extraneous costs that oftentimes occur.




  • Constantly growing network
  • Selection of providers based on the quality of care and reasonable rates
  • First medical network in Africa, Europe and Latin America
  • Medical cooperation for prior agreements and monitoring of serious illnesses


  • Contain and control the costs of serious and/or chronic illnesses.
  • Optimize the quality of care and treatments.
  • Coordinate the management of the period of care and/or recurring cares: Case Management & Patient Management


  • Develop prevention plans tailored to the needs of companies.
  • Identify risks upstream/ Perform medical check-ups.
  • Contain the costs of the health insurance plans.

With Henner the choice of healthcare provider is always yours!

However, in order to facilitate your access to healthcare through the implementation of direct settlement arrangements and negotiated tariffs (inpatient and outpatient services), Henner has built worldwide network of inpatient and outpatient medical providers: hospitals, clinics, HIV-AIDS specialists, physicians, imaging centers, laboratories, pharmacies, etc

Today, our network consists of approximately 36,000 medical providers in 162 countries outside of the USA, where we work with some of the biggest healthcare networks. And we are constantly expanding out network!

Therefore, with Henner, you can always be sure to receive high-quality care at a reasonable price.

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