Case Studies

15 March 2019

Expatriation and health: which coverage?

Expatriation and health: which coverage? You are French and living abroad? You can choose between two options to keep your social protection going like in France and to get the reimbursement of your health expenses: the cover known as "CFE" or a private plan. Download ...
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4 November 2014

Coordinating benefit packages and healthcare costs in France: a snapshot of VALEO

In particular, Henner advises companies in their project to coordinate benefit packages and healthcare costs, while respecting new regulations and strong social and financial constraints. In this context, we assisted the Valeo Group in France in designing and implementing plans that went beyond the abovementioned obligations by providing identical coverage to all the group’s employees.
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16 October 2014

Growing Awareness : Le service de Gestion maladies infectieuses et handicapantes – HIV et Hépatites pour les multinationales

Henner lance un nouveau service destiné aux entreprises internationales ayant des salariés dans des pays à forte présence de deux maladies infectieuses, l’HIV et les Hépatites.
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